F**k Fast Fashion

We are a small, independent company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, started in 2016 with a goal of providing sustainable fashion at a reasonable price.

All clothing at One Planet Mind is screen-printed to order by hand using eco friendly, solvent free, water-based inks. 

Water based inks imprint the design into the fabric meaning it's not going to crack or wash out so not only is it eco friendly - it also lasts

We use very basic methods for printing, opting for permanent screens (less waste, less chemicals) and line drying prints before heat setting, this means less energy is used and the inks are set properly.

Printing to order

Printing to order means we aren't having to dump huge amounts of unused stock like many fashion brands. It does mean there is a processing time of 1-5 business days before an order will be posted - however, we can bump an order to the top of the queue if requested (not available during the holiday season)

Zero Polyester Promise

We will never offer clothing containing polyester, polyester micro fabrics get washed away with every machine cycle and straight into the Oceans and that's a huge no, no from us. We source natural fabrics only.

Any bags/accessories we sell are made from recycled polyester, since bags are rarely washed it's much more favourable to us that plastic is repurposed into items like this instead of left dumped wherever causing more pollution.


Everything is posted to you in eco friendly paper bags via Royal Mail

In Summation

There's not much to it than that, we care about the planet and believe in small changes to help, and, as we're a small business we appreciate every last customer. Cheers for taking the time to read this, have a nice day :)